Opti-Coat Review

$200’s worth in this 40cc syringe.

Dave from Reflect Effect, working his magic.

Bonnet has never been this clean.

I’ve never been a fan of the concept of paying the premium for a new car, then being shoved into the little room with a sales person trying to drill you for even more cash for paint protection.

The outcome of this heated discussion got me a deal to review the Opti-Coat product on my own car to put my doubts to rest.

Opti-Coat claims to be the ultimate paint protection product on the market today. It’s basically a clearcoat like your stock clearcoat, only a lot stronger and longer lasting. A quick search on YouTube has people scratching at their Opti-Coated cars with steel wool with no ill effects, even paint thinners have no effect on it.

My full (and ongoing) review can be found here.

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