Jamie’s hand made pressie to me, succulents! I’ve always wanted a succulent garden!

It even came with a spray bottle and this lovely card. She’s a talented cookie isn’t she?!

Richie the home brewer gave me this bottle and it’s delicious as expected (almost smashed it all last night!).

Mum gave me this little dude, and card. I was mad on robots as a kid. still remember the robot B’day cake mum made me, which looked a lot like this little fella!

My pressie to myself. Burton luggage complete with skate wheels. I did want Herschel luggage to go with the rest of my gear, but failed to find a plain black one in time for this weekend’s Byron trip so I settled for this instead.

Been so busy lately, and updating this blog less as less as I’ve been too lazy to take the GF1 out (and instead I’m relying on my iPhone + facebook + instagram). I’m off to Byron today for Caryn’s wedding. Pretty excited! I’ve packed the GF1, will be sure to take a few snaps! :)

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