R32 GT-R wallpaper

Mark Pakula has uploaded a huge wallpaper sized image (1600×1067) of my R32 GT-R’s rear badge. Such an awesome shot (and photographer!). Check it out here.

The GT-R’s sadly been just sitting there for a good part of the year. Losing interest in it was a combination of things. One major wake up call was the money. I was blowing so much cash on cars I just had to slow it down (looks like I’ve come to a full halt). Another thing was the ‘end’ of the project, finishing the GT-R kinda killed it in some ways and the Auto Salon Feature was like icing on the cake.

The last time I drove it was at Eastern Creek on Australia Day. I’m not even sure if the car will start up. It’s sad, but it’s alright. The most important thing is that the beast is still mine, it’ll make it over to Indy’s (IS Motor Racing) for a full service and perhaps even a small tune up and be back on the street and tracks sooner or later.

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