RB26 – Refresh

Shop life!

ITB’s on the JDMyard EG Civic.

Spotted inside an MX5.

Yonas’ new Go Kart.

The real deal. Broken rice at Com Tam Ngon in Canley Heights.

Drove out West today to catch up with Zi and the boys. Zi and I discussed plans for RB26 and happy to say that we’re both on the same page with where we want to take the car. We’re thinking “Club Spec”. Take half the cage out, put new carpet back in, air-conditioning back in and a whole lot of new OEM and Nismo parts both inside and out. The engine will need a refresh and I have the option of sending the body to Melbourne for a full rotisserie restoration or just organise a local inside/out respray.

Honestly, if I was living in my dream house with my dream garage I’d go the full body resto, but I’m not so for now I’ll settle for a full inside out respray. Either way the ball is rolling!

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