Hosted on the 6th floor of the MCA as part of VIVID Sydney.

Fuck the haters.

Living legends.

Last night I caught a talk by Mike Giant and Joshy D of REBEL8 at the MCA. I’ve been pretty excited about this, like all talks they can go either way, either super inspirational or super boring but I’m glad to say that last night’s talk got me so fired up about Zen and the path I’m on that I talked Jess‘ ear off at dinner, and have been high ever since!

Mike (REBEL8’s head artist) kicked off the talk, the guy swears every third word and just a few minutes in he confessed that he’s moved to Colorado because they’ve legalised weed, which is what he loves to do, that and creating art, riding, skating, practising meditation (he’s quite into Buddhism) and being blessed as he generally gets to do whatever he wants to do in life.

Joshy D took the stage for the 2nd half. He’s the sole owner of REBEL8, which he started with $500 in 2003 and struggled for 3+ years before he started to make it (11 years strong now!). The guy’s a beast, and has worn every single hat in the business (and continues to do much more than just one person’s work).

The talk geed me up so hard as it had everything to do with Zen. Maintaining authenticity within a brand while growing, consistency was a massive topic of discussion, so too credibility and original content.

End of the day these guys hustle, hard and after hearing them out I have an overwhelming sense of confirmation that I’m on the right path. I feel armed and fired up about Zen’s future!


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