Ribs and rumps!

Last night Christina and I caught up with our good mate Steve who suggested we pig out at Ribs and Rumps in Homebush.

Ribs and Rumps.

Stevey waited a while as Suga and I were super late (my fault I was so busy installing the carpet in the ED I forgot what time it was!).

I spotted a beer on the list I hadn’t tried. One swig and I was sold, it’s so sweet, almost like drinking mango juice!

The meat looked better than it tasted. My steak was overcooked and the ribs were nowhere near as good as either Hurricanes or Kelly’s.

We then dropped into the JDMST/Circuit Club meet around the corner.

Narada organised the meet and had invited a whole fleet of S2K owners.

Narada + Movember + JDMST T = Win

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