Shi and Me

It’s the me.

It’s the Shi.

I had my house shot for Vauxlair today. I was a little nervous, and wasn’t exactly sure what to expect (I HATE being in front of the camera) so I thought I’d ask Miss Iris Shi if she’d keep me company during the shoot (which she did and I felt much better for it!).

Turns out the Vauxlair crew were rad and we all got along. I’m looking forward to seeing their pictures/feature.

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3 Responses to Shi and Me

  1. John Lampard says:

    Iris Shi as in from the music doco “Mrs Carey’s Concert”? You sure do keep interesting company :)

  2. John Lampard says:

    I wrote about the film awhile back, must be two years ago, but even now still get people landing on my site after they google Iris. I kinda thought the name looked familiar when I saw this post, so that’s why :)