Simone & Maya’s Pizza Night

Jamie and Christina.

Mum and her friend Wally.

Michael and my Mum’s youngest sister Helen.

Richie and Jamie.

So many pizza bases.


Gnocchi was so damn good!


…and Glenn’s Dad!

Romina and Nicholas.

Massive props to the chefs Maya and Simone, who were frantic in the kitchen all night.

Simone & Maya, who have been in Australia for about a year now, treated us to a traditional Italian home made pizza night last night at Mum’s place. I don’t think I’ve ever had a pizza feast so good. 14 pizzas?! They just kept coming out of the oven!

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3 Responses to Simone & Maya’s Pizza Night

  1. Paul says:

    Looks epic ! Nomnomnom. Dude. We did the very same at friends last week! I cooked 7 traditional pizzas while we played jenga! Good times!

  2. glenn says:

    well done with the pic of my dad – they all look good!.. i didn’t get many photos from last night though :(

  3. Justin Fox says:

    Paul – Jenga! Man that’s exactly what we should have done!

    Glenn – Just saw your pics, great as usual! I’ll get a “real” DSLR one day!