So how’s ZEN going?

Just a few post WTAC thoughts: I had a lot of people come up and ask me how ZEN is going, and I found myself repeating myself throughout the day, and refining the story as the weekend played out, so I thought I’d share.

EOMM shook me up a little. I’ve spent 10+ years fighting for a carpark for us car guys to hang in, we finally get it but within a year the kids have ruined it for themselves. Truth is the guys who were fighting along side me have moved on in life, had kids, etc IE: they’re not the guys rocking up to the meets today, and the guys at the meets have little to no idea about the past.

The disconnect is real.

I’ve done a lot for various communities, focused outward a lot but lately I’ve been spending time on me, focusing inwards, and realising that I might not have the energy to do both ZEN, and me at the same time.

I’m working on family relations with a councillor, and I’m also working on getting over the guilt of doing less in life. Producing less, and just doing what I want to do for me (right now, family and gaming!).

I’ve also started to think about putting my house on the market. When you’re complaining about your council rates being so high you’ve got to realise they’re that high because your property is worth way more than when you bought it 10 years ago. I’m 42 now and whilst I might have blown all my profit if I sold the house too young, I’m sure I’ll be fine now.

Back on the topic of ZEN.

It’s gotten to the point where I almost despise the customers who are buying our goods now because it’s 5 cents cheaper at $39.95 not $40. I know we have the potential to be in General Pants Co. but it’s not the go.

Going forwards I need to go backwards; When I meet someone like-minded, someone I click with, someone who gets it. It makes sense for them to like me, for me to like them, so if I GIFT them a ZEN hat, it feels right. There’s a lot in this. I want ZEN to be free for those who get it. I’ve just got to figure it out, but thanks to all who asked at WTAC, you guys are the best sounding boards/mirrors ever and have helped me to get all the above out. Much appreciated!


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5 Responses to So how’s ZEN going?

  1. A says:

    As a note this is just my point of view as an outsider looking inwards, so what I say may not be true but is purely observational.

    I think Zen Garage and the Zen brand was never truly developed with the mindset as a business but more as a brand and space for the community.

    As you previously mentioned in one of your previous posts, Sergio’s departure was attributed to the lack profits and thus lack of income. I wouldn’t say that what Zen was/is is wrong but wrong in terms of a business, as there was clearly a difference in the vision between business partners, as is always a risk with any business involving multiple partners. Partners need to be on the same page and have the same vision for a business to succeed. To you Zen was less about money but is that wrong? No, you just have a different vision. For Sergio maybe his vision and dream for Zen was to be a bigger and more profitable venture (maybe that’s what is reflected in that Zen Ozzy Tyre rim).

    I think when people ask how Zen is going you should answer that from your own perspective, and that perspective is:

    – Am I happy with what Zen is/has become?
    – Am I happy with where Zen is going and where it’s going to be?

    People will criticise and judge you for your actions but it is important that you do what Zen is or will become is what you want.

    “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

    If people will criticise you for what you do then just tell them:

    “It’s OK if you don’t get it!” – Zen Garage

  2. Succin Too Many Diccs says:

    Tha fact that you despise customers for buying a 5c discounted item is baffling.

    There are many new faces looking into cars and the proof is in the pudding. Many people who don’t know anything about brands are seeing ZEN in NFS Payback and at the meets and shows they are going to. New faces and just learning what cars are all about.

    If you despise these cats then I guess its safe to say that as a business you are then doomed to fail and publicising despise towards really any customer willing to spend a buckfiddy of their hard earned work dollars/dole would make them 180.

    Some of deez niqqas from the states, all over the world with them ghetto dubs picking up nfs payback and dropping sum hunnids on loot boxes would see the fresh zen logo and look it up. They would not know who you were nor would they care, but if they did find out and saw you spillin this then the’ll tell u to eat a dicc and not buy anything.

    just sayin