Soul Burger

Coconut shakes! Go the vanilla, it was awesome. I went for the straight coconut, which tasted super Asian, refreshing but conceptually I think the vanilla shake, which tasted just like a milk shake, was the way to go.

We went for both the green fries, and red fries, both with aioli, both good!

I went for the cheeseburger of-course! It actually tasted like a cheeseburger, not the best but definitely not the worse I’ve had!

We also shared a fish burger (beccause I’m a fan of fish burgers!). The relish was interesting, the fish looked like fish, or chicken… and it tasted like, um… chicken?!

Amanda went for the Sumo! You go girl!

Vegan, in in food heaven!

I’ve been to a handful of vegan restaurants and enjoyed them all (especially the buddhist temple feasts), but I’ve never been to a vegan restaurant quite like Soul Burger, which Amanda introduced me to today. Soul Burger is a plant-based burger shop and have shops in Glebe and Randwick. Randwick’s way closer to home, and a place I used to hang out at a lot during high school/uni years, so we made the call to eat there and we ordered up a feast!

Whilst I can’t say they were the best burgers I’ve ever had, these guys definitely push the notdog hotdog thing. IE: It looks like meat, it tastes like meat, but it’s not, and there was no doubt that what we were eating was healthier than any other burger I’ve eaten this year. Just seeing how happy Amanda was made me happy, and I hope that the commonality of the American fast food chain store concept makes it’s way to healthier/vegan fast food too.

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