St. George TAFE

Doing my thang, sitting down even!

Head Teacher Lydia Kullik and I.

Jason, Krysti and I.

Been a while since I’ve done a proper 1hr student talk. My mate Dan who used to work at Shillington College, and now teaches at St. George TAFE asked me to speak last Wednesday. No matter how many times I speak in public I still get a little nervous the night before, but the class was cozy, intimate even, and I felt super comfortable. I was on fire pretty much lol. Helped that I brought a mate Krysti along and had Jason, one of the car boys in the audience too as he’s a student there.

I got to push Field Trip too, which is filling up fast. Fingers crossed it’ll be a sell out event next Friday!

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  1. stefinfinity says:

    Thanks for coming! The talk was great, everyone was impressed!

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