Star Wars Battlefront



My childhood is constantly being re-awakened. All my fave comic books are now movies. The skate companies have re-issued skate decks from the 90’s and now this; Star Wars Battlefront. The most authentic, real deal Star Wars game ever made to date.

A few weeks ago I had EA Games over at my place to shoot the 2nd video of the Need For Speed x Zen Garage S15 Build. The guys noticed that I had Star Wars stuff all over my place, and we got talking about Battlefront, a few days later a T-Shirt and a copy of the game was in my mailbox!

My little review is up on Zen Blog:

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4 Responses to Star Wars Battlefront

  1. Paul says:

    I picked this up for the XBOX ONE. Love it too!

  2. Richard Ma says:

    Got myself the Storm Trooper and Darth Vader Coffee mugs the other day, super psyched!

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