Taking forum dramas offline

Showdown in Homebush.

As a moderator of a forum I try my best to sit in the middle (when I voice an opinion I usually get hammered). My job is to try and keep the peace.

Today Christina and I had a meeting with a kid (he’s 17) who’s turned one of our forums upside down. We banned him for 3 months but his ban has expired and now he’s back on the forums. Everything was AOK for a little while, but a recent outbreak has us back at square one.

It’s hard to stop this kid from posting silly things (we were all kids once right?) but it’s just as hard to stop long standing members from bullying him for posting silly things.

It was crazy hard for us to meet him, and his mother (he’s on his L’s so had to have here there to supervise his driving) and lay it all on the line for him. We told his mum about the bullying (damn was he embarrassed). As awkward as it was, we got it all out, offered some constructive suggestions and now we’ve just got to hope things change for the better.

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4 Responses to Taking forum dramas offline

  1. Paul says:

    Back in the day we used to go outside and play. Smoke pot. Or play bass. Kids today are so angry.

  2. Stan says:

    This is taking the role of forum administrator to a completely new level… hats off to you for showing some genuine care / concern for your members!

  3. brasher says:

    I’m coming to grips that there is a bigger troll than me online.

  4. Luke.H says:

    I wish you could do this to someone I know.