The future is here… kind of

iRobot Roomba.

I’ve kept my eye on these robot vacuum cleaners for a while now and I felt that I had waited long enough for revisions and refinements. This device not only makes pretty sounds, it talks to me (with a sexy female voice) and best of all it returns to it’s base for charging (something the Sony robot dog should have done in my opinion!).

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2 Responses to The future is here… kind of

  1. Ley says:

    i want one so jing doesnt have to vacuum as often. is it good or would it be better off to get a dyson?

  2. Justin Fox says:

    Just tried it today, it’s god damn amazing! It doesn’t fall off the steps, it climbs up onto my furry rug just fine, goes between the legs of chairs on the dining table and docks itself when it’s done! I love watching it ahahaha, it’s awesome!

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