The power of manifestation, and good come to those who wait

Monstera Borsigiana Albo.

I’m plant obsessed, but I’m different. I’m learning how to breathe. To sleep on it. To sit on it. Do do as much research as I feel like, but to not pull the trigger, to not hit the buy now button.

Owning a Monstera is like a right of passage for plant lovers, but since getting into plants I’ve stumbled upon the variegated varieties and haven’t been able to avoid the desire to want to own one ever since. Specifically the Monstera Albo which looks absolutely stunning when the leaves are 50/50 white and green (half moon).

Variegated plants have been much sought after since Covid and lockdowns hit, often fetching thousands of dollars. They’ve become Instagram plants, and also quite lucrative for those who choose to grow them and sell cuttings.

The prices are coming down though, and I’ve seen cuttings for sale on Facebook Marketplace for as low as $150. I showed Mum a photo of an Albo, she’d never seen one before and it was love at first sight for her so I’ve since been on a mission to buy Mum an Albo.

I was either going to find a large one to buy for her (would cost thousands for a large one), or I could start with cuttings, but his morning I was watching a Monstera Albo YouTube video when I got a message from an old high school friend on Instagram. Turns out she’s a plant collector! We’ve been chatting, and she’s offered to give me a cutting of her Monstera Albo!

What a way to start the week!

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