Vidami Video Looper + Pedalboard

I got a recommendation in the comments on one of my recent podcasts for a Vidami. I did a google search and found this American made product. I’ve been learning new tricks with the help of a fair few YouTube videos but this pedal box takes it to the next level as it allows you to very easily loop segments of a YouTube video, then slow them down too, best of all it’s completely hands free (as you use your feet). Setting it up was super easy (just download an extension for Chrome), using it is super intuitive and I was slowing down solos on YouTube within minutes and actually learning new licks with ease. Highly recommend it!

Also I’ve been meaning to make a pedalboard for a while now to stop my pedals from moving around and also to raise my pedals off the ground (where they tend to get covered in cat hair!). I had all intentions to just make something out of a wooden bath mat for cheaps and that hipster look and I had absolutely no intentions to pay hundreds of dollars for a bit of metal and ultimately what I think is a bit of a trend and complete rip off. I ended up buying a cheap $75 China made pedalboard that came with all the mounting stuff I needed and a carry bag too.

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