Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer




Remnants from when I was a weight weeny.

Asahi top cap!

Got my Wahoo trainer in the mail. It comes with an 11-speed cassette which won’t work with my 80’s Paino road bike, nor will it work with my 9-speed cassette on my Giant Reign 1. Had to give it a go though so managed to get one gear working, and tried out Wahoo’s fitness software, and yeah, it’s not for me (I knew it wouldn’t be). It’s cute, and uses WiFi to add resistance to the trainer during workouts (where you watch a video and have lots of data up on the screen), but my main intention was just to get it so I can pedal whilst listening to podcasts (vs playing computer games whilst listening to podcasts!).

Will figure out whether I want to change the freehub and get an old campy cassette on the back for the Paino, or just buy a 9-speed cassette for the Reign (again, kicking myself now I got rid of all my bike tools!).

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