Wine and Dine Newtown

Gen and Suga.

Wine and Dine in Newtown.

Suga and I caught up with Gen last night who has new aspirations to start a fashion blog. We ate dinner at Wine and Dine on the main strip in Newtown and we were the only ones in there but that didn’t stop Gen from getting excited and speaking as loud as if we were in a loud and packed out restaurant (too much clubbing I think?!). Strange the place was so empty though, shame as the food was decent!

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3 Responses to Wine and Dine Newtown

  1. Genevieve says:

    Hello Darling,
    I have made my way to your world. interesting…
    So Blogs the big Banger right!!
    well let me bang away i guess.. As you mentioned i'm in the process of getting that big bang to blow!
    lol.. ok no more silly alliterations..
    So liky photos…. how do feel about video posts?

    peace out

  2. Justin Fox says:

    Get to it Gen, let me know when you have your blog up and running :) x

  3. Justin Fox says:

    PS: Video posts are good!