Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Review

Nier: Automata left me a little frustrated. I do think the replayability of the game is conceptually interesting, but I just rage quit a few too many times half way through the 2nd playthrough. Ultimately the gameplay and graphics killed it for me, and the story, nor the soundtrack (I had the music on for the 2nd playthrough) just didn’t grab me, full stop really.

I’ve had a review copy of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood gathering dust around my lounge room for a year now. Initially I couldn’t install it on Ved’s PC because it didn’t have a DVD drive. I ended up getting an external with the Zen PC build so I finally got around to installing the game yesterday and finished it today (more a DLC, it’s super super super short!).

Published, and sent to me by Bethesda (so you know it’s going to be good!). It’s made by MachineGames, but I had a feeling it was going to look, feel and play like Doom, which it did! But what it did even better than Doom was take me back. I soon realised this game was made for me, for Bethesda fans and most importantly for other oldies who played the original another lifetime ago.

Fast gameplay, BJ, dual wielding guns (silly but it’s OG!) and something I didn’t expect, stealth, which was actually quite fun (not at all serious as the AI couldn’t detect dead bodies). Over the top Bethesda Easter Eggs and references to the original Wolfenstein are dropped throughout the game; even a simulator of the original game within the game! Loved it’s world more than Doom’s SCI-FI world, and it kills Metro in every way. I was shocked it ended so quickly, definitely left me wanting more.

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2 Responses to Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Review

  1. lemmiwinks says:

    Ha! What a blast from the past. I played the original Wolfenstein (as well as Doom, Doom II, Rise of the Triad, Duke Nukem 3D etc) and loved Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

    This kind of thing is why late 1970’s cars are expensive now too.

    • Justin Fox says:

      Yeah 100% I’m a target now in my older age LOL! It’s like Star Wars. Legit when it was originally made, it targeted young kids, but I’m pretty damn sure that demographic is a LOT bigger with the new films! #imnotcomplainingbut