Zen Garage Leichhardt is now closed for good

A photo I took when we first inspected the warehouse space in Leichhardt.


It’s been a few months coming, and we’ve kept it under wraps as best we could but for over a year we’ve been looking for a new venue and sadly we’ve failed to find the right space. Our lease is up (has been up for a while now) and we’ve had to make a very hard decision, one that none of us have taken lightly, but the decision has been made and we’re letting go of our Leichhardt store.

It’s been an amazing 3 years, opening up with a queue of people on day 1, a plethora of events, special guests, many who have become family and let’s not forget our sick Saturday hangs.

We’d like to sincerely thank everyone who dropped by at some point in the last 3 years. It’s been fucking amazing. Zen Garage will live on, our online shop will continue to run and we’ll soon have even more next level Zen products than ever. Of-course expect us to host and participate at even more events now that we’re not chained to the shop!!!

The Zen Crew.
Justin, Robert & Sergio.

On a personal side note, and completely my own observations and opinions: I can’t understand how ANY small businesses in Australia survive. Online, sure, no overheads, no worries, but having a bricks and mortar business? Forget it! Our insurance incase someone hurt themselves in our space was more than our rent!!!!

We’ve said it so many times before, we’re doing it for the love, but when the government takes so much from your business you’ve got to wonder, 3 years in, whether the love could soon run out.

I’m sad, but at the same time SUPER excited about putting the money saved from closing the physical store back into Zen, big time! A quick trip to Japan next month to energise, then I’m going to fucking slay 2015!!!

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7 Responses to Zen Garage Leichhardt is now closed for good

  1. Paul says:

    Always inspiring and always moving forward. All the best to 2015 mate!

  2. Justin Fox says:

    Thanks Paul!!!

  3. ukalipt says:

    I quietly visit zen online often. I hope you can keep up the same level of inspiration. Without the roof over the top.
    I’ve always admirred what and how you go about doing things Justin. Looking forward to what is the next chapter.

    • Justin Fox says:

      Cheers stranger, been too long! I’m positive I can keep it going as Zen’s designed for me promote whatever it is I’m into right now, so it’s kinda future proof because of that! Going to miss the space though, no one’s more upset about losing the space than I am.

  4. Richard Ma says:

    One door closes, another one opens Man. Can’t wait to see what exciting projects you got next!

  5. Matt says:

    Hey mate. What happenened to that galant wagon? Is it for sale?

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