ZEN PODCAST #008 – Design Talk

In this podcast I do the intro part of an hour long motivational/inspirational design talk I do at design schools all over Sydney.

Note: This is the first video I’ve made with Premiere, which is a LOT more complex than iMovie that’s for sure! The video looks to be the wrong format, and the file has ended up being massive in size (making for a VERY slow upload). I’ve not bothered with any transitions as I couldn’t figure it out intuitively and there’s no intro or outro. I’ve tried to synch the audio track to the footage and it’s come out better than the previous iMovie vids in that regard but it’s still out of whack.

I’ll get there!

PS: ZEN PODCASTS are also on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/zengarage/zenpodcast-008-design-talk?in=zengarage/sets/zen-podcasts
And on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/zen-podcast-001/id1336686598?mt=2

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2 Responses to ZEN PODCAST #008 – Design Talk

  1. Paul says:

    We are from the 1990s dude. Peace out ✌

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