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Rockin Joplin

I’ve been having a blast on the Anthem lately. Ever since I’ve gotten rid of the clip-in pedals and replaced them with flat pedals I’ve had a lot more confidence and I’m now doing stupid shit on the bike.

It’s still skittish going downhill, especially on loose stuff, and it’s nowhere near as playful as my Reign but it’s still the fastest bike up a hill, even without clip-ins it’s fast.

I’ve gone a step further now and installed a Joplin on the bike, it’s a seatpost which has a remote control on the handlebars which allows me to raise and lower my saddle whilst riding. It’ll allow me to drop the saddle on the fly for downhill stuff which will hopefully = more fun! Fun in this case comes at a weight penalty though and the bike now sits at 11.4kg’s with computer, lights, joplin, flat pedals and dirt (she was 10.7kg’s without pedals brand new).

Joplin cable routed on the downtube.

Cockpit is looking damn busy with the front fork lockout on the left, lights in the middle, computer and joplin seatpost controller on the right.

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Single Speed

Ever since the Ti build was finished the Hardrock has been hanging there without parts (the fork went onto the Ti). Inspired by Jarods new wheels + Jings new VOODOO I thought I’d put a bit of love into the old Hardrock to get it back on the road.

More images here.

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Finally in the water!

Today it was a scorching 35 degrees inland (I was visiting the boys at JDMyard) and to make matters worse I was stuck without aircon on the M5 on the way home due to a savage car accident which stalled everyone for at least 30 minutes. Stevey followed me home though (he got there a lot quicker than I did on his motorbike) and we went for a swim at the rock pool down the road. Water was freeeezing cold but damn it was great. I brought a snorkel down with me and spotted a huge octopus, the largest one I’ve ever seen in real life. It’s body was the size of 2 fists and it was missing 2 tentacles. We dunked a few beers then we thought we’d get the death trap out for a spin.

Stevey has a go at the Deathtrap!

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Strip it

Quote: Originally Posted by Tonba: Apart from no aircon, how do you find the stripped interior? Do you get sick of it? What was your reason for doing it??

The reason why I stripped it? There are a few reasons. Sure, weight was one, the rear seats were sun faded and never fit right with the roll-cage back there. I had an audio system in there but prefered listening to the car than music, so that went (as well as weight).

I was, and still am, VERY inspired by race car interiors. How do you explain something you love so much? The rawness of it, how tough it feels, all the extra noises you hear, that sound deadening crap is like censorship. Seeing a freshly painted stripped interior with cage does more for me than a freshly painted exterior any day.

If I had the option from factory to not have all that tar/sound deadening material, extra wiring, audio etc I would go for it. Even with the Jazz. If it was an easy job to strip it to the level I took the GT-R I’d do it in a heartbeat.

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Monday Loftus Oval night ride

Pics from last nights great Loftus night ride. Great weather yesterday made for a dry trail. At 7.30PM (our usual meet up time) there was still light.

The MCC boys (David, Sam and Ash).


Jings new Voodoo SS.



David, freak face off picture!

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Babalouie’s Hakosuka

Photography by Kelvin Ng.

With over 70,000 views, Babalouie’s Hakosuka build thread in the members rides section on JDMST is the most viewed thread on the forum and so it was an obvious car to feature.

I interviewed Babs (Kevin) over MSN (had to force him to download and install it! Old man he says!). He’s a walking JDM encyclopedia, a great driver and he’s been a great inspiration to me over the years.

Click here to check out the feature.

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R32 old vs. new

We were in Alexandria today buying an outdoor setting from Harvey Norman and we found this guy (his name is Justin too) writing a note to put on Suga’s R32. Nice to have the old and new next to each other to compare the differences. I love the old shape, lots. Boxy, squat (he did have it lowered) like a bulldog.

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Beach Aquariums

Now that the renovations are pretty much done I’ve started putting a bit of love into the aquarium again. I’ve got the protein skimmer working at it’s best once more and I’ve replaced a cannister of carbon (long overdue). New light tubes are in too. The road to recovery is going to be a long one but I’m sure I’ll get there.

I paid my Uncle John a visit this weekend. I’ve finally snapped a shot of him (he hates being in front of the camera!).

Here’s the shop on Beach Road in Bondi Beach, as my Dad left it back in the 80’s. John hasn’t done one single thing to it, the shop is so dirty and run down inside that a lot of people that walk in just walk straight back out.

My Uncle John, Dads youngest brother, the hippy (John the Beatle is what my family calls him). I love the guy.

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Food bits

The Locks often haunt Insadong, a Korean BBQ joint on Rowe St. in Eastwood. The place is always dead quiet, which is a shame as the food is great.

I love any crispy beer.


On every single Saturday, all year round the Locks have a table booked at Excellent Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Carlingford for yum cha. I’ve been on a few occasions now, basically anyone in the family that wants to rock up does which sometimes makes for a very tight squeeze. It’s just such an awesome thing to have.

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Christina and I hit the framers this weekend. We have 4 great Kozyndan prints to frame and a small Amy Sol print too. All signed of-course!

Amy Sol print.

Kozyndan HORNY print. That’s them in the poster :)

Signed love.

Perhaps their most famous print.

Yup signed!

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