Rockin Joplin

I’ve been having a blast on the Anthem lately. Ever since I’ve gotten rid of the clip-in pedals and replaced them with flat pedals I’ve had a lot more confidence and I’m now doing stupid shit on the bike.

It’s still skittish going downhill, especially on loose stuff, and it’s nowhere near as playful as my Reign but it’s still the fastest bike up a hill, even without clip-ins it’s fast.

I’ve gone a step further now and installed a Joplin on the bike, it’s a seatpost which has a remote control on the handlebars which allows me to raise and lower my saddle whilst riding. It’ll allow me to drop the saddle on the fly for downhill stuff which will hopefully = more fun! Fun in this case comes at a weight penalty though and the bike now sits at 11.4kg’s with computer, lights, joplin, flat pedals and dirt (she was 10.7kg’s without pedals brand new).

Joplin cable routed on the downtube.

Cockpit is looking damn busy with the front fork lockout on the left, lights in the middle, computer and joplin seatpost controller on the right.

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