Flowers, like babies, never been a fan of them (haha) but I bought this bunch for Christina almost a week ago and they’re only just opening up now. I’m converted?!

Suga’s workplace. Suga’s grandma is in a bad way at the moment. We were off to visit her in hospital but Christina had to drop in to work for a little bit. I sat on a computer while we were there and just couldn’t dig the vibe. No offence to the studio, but sitting under flouro lights and an open space where everyone can see what’s up on your screen just makes me feel super uncomfortable. I couldn’t last in a corporate environment, way too spoilt.

Mormans spotted in the window. Who would buy this?!

We went for a nice walk this afternoon. They’ve been trying to connect the beaches together for a while now (The Coastal Walk). Unfortunately the path ends at the cliff on the far right, you go up some stairs and hit the road and have to follow the road for some time before it begins again into Coogee.

Still lovely though.

Little crabby!

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