VW/Audi Dyno Day

Photos by Steve.

Suga and I drove up north for a dyno day yesterday, we got a little lost on the way as we were following the sat nav, we missed lunch (thanks to me for being slow in the morning) and we were too hungry (well I was) to wait for a go so we bailed. Still nice to drop in and say G’day to the friendly faces though.

On the way home I followed Christina again who was following her sat nav and we were going around in circles, what a piece of crap. It’s interesting when you stop following your sense of direction and turn left when the stupid lady voice tells you to. Suuuuuuper frustrating /vent.

More pics from the day here.

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2 Responses to VW/Audi Dyno Day

  1. Jarod Pulo says:

    Awwww. I was looking forward to seeing how much Suga's mods had increased the stock power.

    Any estimates?

  2. Justin Fox says:

    Not sure Jarod. I'd safely guess that the increase in decibels would be much greater than the increase in kilowatts though!