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Tanks December 2010 – now comparo



Love the acro growth! I had no idea until I dug up an older photo. Such an awesome feeling to know I’m growing the most demanding stuff you can keep in a salt water aquarium, with ease too! Pat on the back me!

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Tank update

Still going so strong thanks to all the automation! The dosing is the real secret to keeping hard corals I think, without the dosing system I have in place all of it would have died many years ago.

Yucky salty mess, full of growing little feather duster worm things! I had to refill the N/P reducing pellets (solid vodka dosing), was all but gone, sure lasted ages though, very cool.

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Upside down


Maybe it was all those times I watched Mr Squiggle draw on the blackboard in the morning as a kid. “upside down upside down!”. Negative space, looking at stuff upside down is always more exciting, right? A few weeks back I decided to make a T-Shirt out of the VISA logo upside down (ASIA!). Also the NJS logo upside down (SIN!). Love wearing my own shit :)

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Zen Garage Tumblr

I’ve been having a blast running the Zen Garage Tumblr. I’m really enjoying the task of being a curator for it. Having streaming music adds another dimension and I find myself often loading the site in a hidden tab just to listen to my own playlist.

It’s not safe for work though, the concept (to me at least) is that it’s a window in the Zen Garage’s soul. The things we like, our sense of humour, our inspiration wall.


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Hangin Tough in Cabra

In the heart of Cabra.

Unfortunately Sydney’s Best Pho restaurant was shut last night, but we were in Pho Land and Mark chose this second option in a jiffy.

Pho was great, as expected!

Mark’s turbo taxi. As lazy and comfy as you like, but floor it and it’s an absolute weapon!

Last night I caught up with Mark Pakula, who picked me up in his turbo taxi and drove me out to Cabramatta in south-western Sydney for some authentic Pho. I’ve never set foot in Cabra before so it was a treat, great Pho, clean and tasty, great catch-up too.

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Horrible Logos

SVD’s new logo, designed by Horrible Logos. Visit: – I fucking love hate it! HAHA!

PS: I also got one for Zen Garage, and INfront too (Bahahaha).

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German Autofest Canberra

Oh dem Porsches.

Ultimate Whale Tail!

A bygone era.

This BMW took the cake.

SUGA – eating grass.

Stanced MKI.

Clean MKI.

Loved this K1.

Fat C 63.

Simmons Wheels, still love them.


It’s impossible to get to sleep at 8PM. I tried, and failed. Still managed to somehow get up at 3.30AM though and make the drive to Canberra for German Autofest. Had a great day despite feeling like I was overdosing on caffeine. Got home in a hurry, luckily I didn’t get done speeding, but driving at 110km/hr would have just sent me to bed.

Heaps more pics here and I’ve also written up a feature for Zen Garage. Visit:

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Deus Cafe

Dropped in to Deus for some inspiration for Zen Garage warehouse space.

Love the simple steel coping + end caps they’re using for everything in the shop.

The entire change room was made with the same coping + end caps.

Rob suggested the Steak Sandwich. It was damn good.

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Stretch it

I’ve had these earrings for a while now (thanks to Jess), just sitting there tempting me to use them. They’re designed to stretch your earlobes so you can fit a plug in there (a little hurty and my ear is pretty puffy though as you can see). It only took 2 days to do, small tiny plugs go in this weekend :)

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Warehouse Space update

Tons of natural light.

Car in-situ.

Our wet wall, as in, its covered in mould.

This little room will be our Art Gallery. Suspended track lighting to come. :)

Toilet of death. Airborne AIDS for sure.

Our natural water feature.

Cafe outside, perfecto!

Yesterday we dropped in to check out the warehouse space, and meet up with the electrician to sort out lighting + power locations and we also got to meet the owner of the warehouse.

I was stoked with how much natural light the warehouse gets on a sunny day. One we replace the blue plastic roofing it’ll cast a much nicer warmer light too.

I’m pumped! First step is to take some time cleaning the space. It needs a really good cleaning, floors, walls, the lot. After that we’ll decide how much paint we need (would hate to lose too much of that lovely texture and character).

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