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Massive huh?!

Our flags arrived, they’re so much bigger than we thought they would be! We’re happy! We’ll be using them this weekend at Motorex. If you’re into cars, you have to be there. If you’re not into cars, you’ll definitely appreciate some of the amazing rides on show. Visit:

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Nana makes me WANT to eat veggies, yum yum!

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Trusty Paino.

Mia approves!

For too long I’ve been wanting to get on the bike. I finally bought a trainer from the boys at Cycling Express, of-course I’ve set it up in front of the TV for some Tour de France action!

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R.I.P. Uncle Anton

Father David saying prayers, reading passages and playing songs.

My Uncle Anton.

Earlier in the month my Uncle Anton passed away in Indonesia, last night Mum hosted his wake at her house for those of us who couldn’t make it to Indonesia for the funeral. Always nice seeing the family all together in the one room, even if it is to mourn the passing of an amazing man.

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More Zen goodies

Carabiners just landed, they turned out great!

We’ve re-stocked on lanyards too :)

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Zen Beanie

Just got delivered. Love love love deliveries! :) Find them in the shop:

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Visit to Xtreme Motorsports

I always pass these guys whenever I hit the M4 but I’ve never stopped to have a look. I always gawk too as there’s always some cars of interest there.

Caldinas. Rare. I find them interesting.

I’ve been tempted to buy a TME again. This silver one was about as clean as they get. 40,000km’s with log books to prove it.

All sorts of goodies in this room. Wheels (spot the BBS’ off an 8 MR), seats, all for sale.

Sleeping in another secured space, this 35.

Loved this sign, had a very Japanese feel to it.

If you’re going to bring cars in from Japan, you might as well stuff them with parts too right?! So many yummy little goodies.

Sergio and I dropped in to visit Joe at Xtreme Motorsports last night. As expected, he had some impressive cars for sale and my hunch that he was a top bloke (after meeting him briefly at Showcased a few weeks ago) was spot on. What a champ, massive heart. We were there to talk community and ALL STARS. More news as it comes! In the meantime, visit:

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Comme des Fuckdown

New goodies in the mail. Love it!

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Showcased goes on and on (and on and on)

Images and videos from Showcased are still making their way online… awesome! I particularly like this image of my car taken by Sam from

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Richie’s B’day

Richie being the expert home beer brewer that he is I thought I’d get something a little different to drink.

Check the crackling, it tasted as amazing as it looks!

Cake time.

Richie has an old school mate over from the UK, his B’day pressie for Richie was epic. Wrapped in the newsagent bag, it contained UK lollies which were wrapped in bus tickets…

… and these crazy flashing spiderman glasses!

The custom card was hilarious too. Professor Falcon was Richie’s DJ name apparently (later on it was Vinyl Richie! Classic!).

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