Visit to Xtreme Motorsports

I always pass these guys whenever I hit the M4 but I’ve never stopped to have a look. I always gawk too as there’s always some cars of interest there.

Caldinas. Rare. I find them interesting.

I’ve been tempted to buy a TME again. This silver one was about as clean as they get. 40,000km’s with log books to prove it.

All sorts of goodies in this room. Wheels (spot the BBS’ off an 8 MR), seats, all for sale.

Sleeping in another secured space, this 35.

Loved this sign, had a very Japanese feel to it.

If you’re going to bring cars in from Japan, you might as well stuff them with parts too right?! So many yummy little goodies.

Sergio and I dropped in to visit Joe at Xtreme Motorsports last night. As expected, he had some impressive cars for sale and my hunch that he was a top bloke (after meeting him briefly at Showcased a few weeks ago) was spot on. What a champ, massive heart. We were there to talk community and ALL STARS. More news as it comes! In the meantime, visit:

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