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The Rook

Sergio introduced me to The Rook yesterday afternoon. Strangely hidden within a corporate building on York St Sydney. Potentially my new fave rooftop late night restaurant/bar. They serve lobster three ways!

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New Moon Birthday

Liz lives amongst these absolutely amazing mountains (The Glasshouse Mountains). Eleven hills that rise abruptly from the coastal plain on the Sunshine Coast.

This lookout is literally up the road from her place.

So beautiful, and surreal.

Liz’s place. Her awesome retreat and practise on the right, and her house down below.

Some of Liz’s EMBODY products.

Inside her practise.

Her dog Onyx gave us a warm welcome!

He’s so awesome!

I spotted this lovely old scooter in her garage.

The view of Mount Beerwah from Liz’s massive balcony.

Lovely old piano. That night we just chilled out, ate a lovely dinner and enjoyed my fave bottle of red.

Furnace in the lounge room.

Lovely old bath tub.

Party decorations.

Caryn’s baby Honey, her eyes are amazing! Like a porcelain doll.


The party kicked on into the wee hours.

The morning after; a shot of dreams which everyone at the party the night before had written down, ready to be burnt on Chinese New Years eve.

Caryn’s beautiful present to Liz, a framed drawing of Onyx.

I just got back from a great weekend up north in Sunny QLD where we celebrated my great friend Liz’s B’day, as well as the Chinese and Buddhist New Year. Was so great to catch up with some loved ones and meet lots of great new friends too. Was way too short a trip, feeling a bit bummed being back, especially as I have jury duty tomorrow!!!

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Too soon junior

50 years apart.

I’ve had 911 on the brain a lot lately. A 911 featured in my article on 10 cars to own before you die, and driving Sam’s 911 last month pushed me over the limit (I put my EVO IX up for sale that night and sold it a few days later!).

Turns out the hunt for a classic isn’t as easy as I thought it would be and it’s looking like I’ve sold the EVO way too soon. Kevin San (aka Babalouie) has been a true champ in helping me find the right car. That’s a car which has had a lot of mechanical work done so that I don’t have to fork out $25k+ on getting it working nice straight off the bat. Whilst the mission was a 964 for years I’ve fallen in love with the shape of the previous model 911 but I have my doubts about whether or not I could live with no power steering on a daily basis, that and the expensive upkeep on these older cars.

At some point a week or so ago I gave up (it’s all just too hard!) and made a serious offer on an NSX (manual, 70,000kms!). The buyer accepted my offer and I had booked in an inspection. A few days later he called to say someone outbid me by $2k. I wasn’t about to play that game so I let it go (turns out it sold to a guy I know through Zi at JDMyard!).

I’ve since been on car sales every single day. Morning, noon and night. I’ve looked at everything from Lotus Elises to BMW Z4’s to M3’s to Honda Jazzes (would be my 4th!) but it’s images like the one above that make me realise just how much I want a 911 and also how much more I love the old stuff better than the new stuff. The hunt continues!

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