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Viral marketing

45,804 people have shared the post with their friends. 19,447 people liked the post and a staggering 5,711,872 people saw the post!

311,031 visitors in one day. Our biggest hit of unique visitors/day since we launched, makes every other day before look insignificant!

I often wonder just how people hit the jackpot with viral marketing. Every now and then you see a picture, or video which everyone you know has seen as well. It’s like it hits everyone, everywhere, all at the same time.

Last week I posted a video I stumbled across. I edited an existing bit of text, and made it ounchier to read (as people just don’t read on the internet these days) and I posted it up, not knowing or not if people were going to dig the video or not (personally it brings a tear to my eye). The next day I see our facebook go wild with people liking and sharing our posts, a LOT of people, mostly women, are commenting on both facebook as well as the feature on the Zen Garage web site. It’s gotten so out of control that our site has gone down, intermittently for the past 3 days due to the sheer amount of traffic.

45,804 people have shared the post with their friends.
19,447 people liked the post.
5,711,872 people saw the post.
311,031 visitors to our web site in one day.

Hopefully I’ll reach as many, of not more people again in future but for now it’s a record!

Check the feature everyone’s talking about (294 comments so far on our web site) here:

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Ferrari 458 Spider

Momentary sad face. Thinking to myself “I’ll never make enough to own one of these”.

So I got to sit in a Ferrari 458 Spider the other night at the 3rd B’day Party. What a lovely place to be. It’s other worldly. The display is so high tech, even the air vents are interesting but what really stole the show was the steering wheel. It had a crazy selector for sport and race modes which felt so solid. Metal, no plastics here. No indicator stalks, instead their on the wheel as buttons and the paddle shifters, those massive paddle shifters, fwoar. Amazing. Then I get the OK to turn the key and hit the big red ENGINE START button. Yeaha! I then get the OK to give it a little rev (inside Zen too!). So good!

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Yokohama 86 livery

Those of you at Top Gear Festival last weekend would have seen this 86 at the ADVAN Yokohama stand. I’m proud to say that I designed the graphics for it. Photo by the amazing Easton Chang.

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My new car


Last Saturday night at’s 3rd B’day Party Bash @ Zen Garage I took delivery of my new daily driver. Jose’s (JIG’s) ABT Supercharged MKV R32.

Build thread:

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Exotics Car Cruise

Spotted: Easton Chang!

Sounded so tough.

The Crew.

Black Series.

Never been a fan of cruises (because something usually goes wrong!) but went to an Exotics Cruise last week. Some amazing metal showed up. Heaps of C63’s, heaps of money!!!

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Can’t buy the real thing? Buy toy instead.

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911 dream on hold

My 911 dream is officially on hold, for now. The deal breaker? I was chatting to Carby (from Deus) and at some point in the conversation he suggested that having a garage for a 911 is pretty much a prerequisite.

I wholeheartedly agree.

I love love love the house I’m living in. And in the past I’ve thought about moving out to a place with at least a double car garage (a 7 car garage would be ideal!). I’ve even looked into pinning up the house and carving away at the sandstone to get a larger garage under my house, it’s a no go.

So for now, the dream is on pause. I’ve already bought a car (impulsive much?) and I take ownership of it next Saturday. It’s German, and a compromise… but in a good way! More news soon.

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Breanna Espina by Matthew Mead for Zen Garage

Matt’s shots of Bree which were shot at my place a while back are finally live! Check out the full feature here:

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The Rook

Love the logotype (tattoo worthy!). Loved the taste of it too.

Lobster Mornay!

Ying taking a pic.

Deep friend Mars Bar for dessert!

Had planned on going back to The Rook to eat. Did so last night with John, Nads and Ying (who I interviewed recently).

We all balled out and had Lobster Mornay, my first of the year! You’ve just got to treat yourself every now and then huh?!

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New Mazda CX-5

Miles isn’t so sure about the new Mazda 6.

The showroom (what’s that MX-5 smiling about huh?!).

Really liking the new taillights.

The workshop, very clean and tidy.

My sister bought a new car yesterday. They were set on a Mazda CX-5 2.5 (not quite released just yet) and they’d done a bit of bargaining down but thought they’d bring out the big guns (Mum and I!) to try and lowball the stealers down even further.

Was hard to do as the car has had great reviews, the 2.5 isn’t even available at dealerships yet and a dealer seeing a whole family hop out of a car knows we were there to purchase.

Mum’s awesome an low balling. I came in from a different automotive angle, catching the dealer out in regards to servicing fees, tinting, matts etc. In the end we did AOK not exactly what we wanted it for, but only $500 off the mark!

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