This has been my dream for a little while now… I still can’t afford a super clean 911 at the moment (still not ready to let go of my R32 Golf!), so I’ve been wanting to buy a piece of shit one instead, strip it back to the shell then buy a rotisserie and just have the shell on display at Zen Garage for inspiration.

Old mate Iain Kelly (ex-editor of Motor Magazine) saw a facebook post of mine and chimed in:

I saw your post about wanting to gut a 911. All i can say is do it. There is something cathartic about stripping a car down as far as it can go, plus once there it is easier and cheaper to then get the inner structures blasted (i know a REALLY good guy) before paint stripping the sheet steel chemically (got a red hot tip on how best to do this from a coachbuilder i know).

Just make sure you have shitloads of space to put all the parts. I am still blown away by how much space all the crap for my car takes up.

NB: With an old car id suggest planning on installing a chassis table made out of I-beams to fix rust on. Dont wanna tweak that frame.

So right now, 100% it’s more tempting to me to buy in rather than saving up to buy a clean car at $45k+. Besides, I love the build more than anything else and I could stare at that shape all day every day, so slow progress suits me fine!

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