ZENPODCAST #010 – Alain Sihaphone

I hung out with Alain the other day, and man we had a HUGE day of talking shit, all of which we wished we recorded for a podcast. We spoke some more the day after too knowing that we had a podcast planned for today. A part of me was thinking holy shit… we’ve spoken about everything and maybe we’ll have nothing left to talk about on the podcast, but noooooo, we just hit it off and had many other things to discuss.

This time I was sober before we started recording and I think I did a MUCH better job of playing host in this podcast (IE: listening lol) as opposed to how I behaved on the last podcast with Jonno Sea.

We didn’t go so deep but we did go just as long. At exactly 2hrs in the doorbell rang and we decided to cut it there! We discuss family and growing up in Sydney with immigrant parents, making your parents your friends, working from home, red pill blue pill, taking risks, freedom, property, Meal Friends, the customer’s always right and contouring!

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2 Responses to ZENPODCAST #010 – Alain Sihaphone

  1. Jesse says:

    Great podcast man! Was definitely very interested when you and Alain talked about photography & how you approach it.

    Would be awesome if you created a blog post or whatever on your perspective/opinion on framing & grids.

    • Justin Fox says:

      For sure! I spent a day with 2 budding photographers today teaching them how to frame and man it BLEW THEIR MINDS. They will never shoot the same again. I used their memory card of shots to show how I could save some horrible shots with framing and nothing more than cropping and rotating. Will have to somehow record my screen whilst I do this.