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Facebook censorship rant


I often write opinion pieces in order to get shit off my chest. Recently I boosted a video post of us (Threesome) launching our new photo studio and Facebook denied the boost. I wasn’t so upset as I’m sure facebook has flagged anything I post, but Dianne was upset enough to write a rant about it, and I fucking love her rant! I had no idea she could write SO WELL. I love her writing style. Read up:

Where’s the thin white line?

Today, we are bombarded with images that are hypersexualised in nature. It’s everywhere. Walk along the street and you’ll see an ad with a model selling skimpy underwear, a pouty set of lips with bright red lipstick with a suggestive tongue or finger to sell makeup, heck, even guys are not immune to being sexualised with rock hard abs of steel the must have in any jeans ad.

Sex sells. No doubt about it.

We are living in a time when it’s everywhere and it’s impossible to avoid unless you were to pack up and live as a hermit in the desert.

There’s nothing wrong with it – it’s just a sign of the times. There is and always will be an ever present thin white line between what is considered okay to be seen and what is considered too lewd.

A quick search of Australia’s Ad Standards cases with the keyword “sex” brings up a myriad of cases, but the number of cases that are dismissed by the panel far outweigh the cases upheld. In other words, the majority of the complaints that are made by members of the public taking an issue with something simply because they themselves find it offensive.

There’s nothing wrong with this either. What one person finds offensive is subjective. That’s why there is the Ad Standards avenue for people to get their complaints reviewed.

Where there is an issue is when social media companies like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter et cetera – who owe their success to their audience utilising their platforms and businesses that use their platform to advertise – start preempting issues.

In response to complaints they make the decision to bow down to the lowest common denominator and the thin white line gets moved as far right as possible. Their reasoning becomes that of “why risk any complaints at all” is problematic because in doing so they make the decision for us of what is acceptable.

In the most extreme, some may argue that they have taken onto themselves to limit free speech and dictate to their audience what content they see.

Sure, it’s their platform, their rules – but where does it stop? Who decides what is ‘okay’ and what isn’t?

We recently went afoul of these rules when we attempted to promote a video of a recent model shoot in our studio from our Facebook page only to have it rejected because “We don’t allow ads with content that features sexually suggestive positioning or that shows a lot of skin (even if it’s for an artistic or education reason) because of their highly sensitive nature.”

Really? Below is an ad that has been taken from Facebook and a screenshot what is probably (but hardly) the most “suggestive” part of the video. Why is a lingerie ad with a model showing plenty of skin acceptable whereas a video showing a studio shoot with model showing a tiny bit of midriff not?

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it. You can request a ‘review’ but all you get back is a bot generated generic response identical to the rejection.

Again, their platform, their rules and if we (as small businesses) want to continue using it as a tool to reach potential customers then we have to comply. However, it is our choice to use their platform.

With the direction that Facebook is going in there are already companies that are making the move to leave for a myriad of reasons – whether it be a reaction to the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal or their bait and switch tactic of giving a business free access to their followers before pulling this and putting out their hands for money to continue reaching them. Those in themselves are huge issues, but that’s a whole other Pandora’s box to deal with.

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My Patreon is coming along


When I shoot with Viv, we now shoot for Patreon, both hers, and mine. Her clients go wild over the stuff, and I’ve had more than a few guys over the years wishing I would send them uncensored photos, so we figure we’d go all out and take some pretty damn saucy stuff for the fans.

I’m now making $442/month on Patreon. This is legitimately helping me out with every day living expenses. I mean, hey! It’s enough to pay for the groceries (I currently only do a food shop every 2 weeks but will start shopping every week!). Thanks to all who have supported me on Patreon. I’ve now got 3 more new girls to shoot who I hope will also let me shoot and upload photos which are too hot for Instagram to my Patreon.

Visit (obviously NSFW!):

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Sundays at Byron




My ex-gf and business partner of 7 years Caryn Gillespie has just set up new accommodation at Byron Bay. Her touch is on everything, the place looks amazing!

She’s offering an introductory offer of $250/night (That’s a steal! I’ll be there soon!!!). She’s only just set up her Instagram page, please check out and follow:

PS: She’s looking for influencers to help promote her new apartments so if you know anyone keen on a getaway (couples would be good!) please tag them in the comments below!

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Photo Shoot @ Threesome Studio

Testing out the new photo studio with viv__x

We’re ready to shoot, so if you need stuff shot drop me a line!

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New Instagram Account:


Yah I’m stupid. When I was depressed late last year I deleted my Instagram account as I didn’t think I’d be hanging around for much longer. I’ve started it up again and I’m a long way from the 13,000 followers I once had, but that’s OK. Please follow!

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I’ve done my time with Graphic Design

A few months ago I soft launched my new Design Studio Threesome PTY LTD. Initially we were doing great! We got a fair few small $500 jobs in the door without much trouble, low budgets, but at that early stage we were just willing to take on anything just to see how we all got along. 

Then the wheels started coming off. 

A few months in and we’re still working on some of those $500 jobs. Graphic Design isn’t easy. Sometimes you hit the nail on the head first go, sometimes you do so many iterations you feel like shit for not being able to do what the client wants. 

All clients want it done yesterday but take a week to give you feedback. Not all clients are educated, not all clients want to be educated. Some clients want bad design, or worse, to sit over your shoulder and for you to be a mac operator.

I’ve realised it’s so important for me to keep my morale up and my ego healthy in order for me to continue doing work for others, as working on stuff which I’m embarrassed about. IE: stuff I would never put in my portfolio, is what’s going to kill all my passion and motivation to do good work.

About 10 years ago I was doing banner adverts for $400/banner. These crunched down gif animations took me all of 10–15 minutes to do and get approved. That’s $400 for 10 minutes worth of work, but after a while I lost my shit, had enough and dropped the job. Why? It’s because I’ve been doing banner adverts since day 1, the late 90’s and I never fucking want to do one ever again. IE: I’ve done my time!

So now I’m sacking some clients. IE: I’m giving up on some jobs that are almost over the finish line. Why? Because I have to in order to stay true to myself, to stay sane.
End of the day I’ve been here before. I’ve run a successful design company in the past, and I’m not so sure why I’m back here again, trying to make a mark that I’ve already made. It’s still early days for Threesome, but I’ve thrown a spanner into the works already. My 2 partners and the team we’ve built are listening, together we’re already changing directions towards photography/content creation and social media management, all of which are potentially lucrative and creatively challenging.

We’re still going to do design work, but only for brands we admire and clients that we legit want to work with. Saying no to design work we feel isn’t a good fit for our design culture shouldn’t be too hard to do, but finding the right clients that do fit in with our ethos won’t be so easy, but we know they’re out there!


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My Muse


Viv and I make such an awesome team. We never have plans for our shoots, we just get together and do what we do. She gets better at modelling every single time and she makes me a better photographer by pushing me to find new shots, new angles, and sometimes even throwing away the grid and shooting looser, off the hip and just being in the moment.

My new Instagram account:
Uncensored Photos:
Viv’s Patreon:

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Mothers Day Lunch @ Luke’s Kitchen 8 Danks St Waterloo

My number!

Find me at the bar.

A converted warehouse space, much like the old ZEN Garage.


Test Kitchen.

This watermelon drink was off it’s tits! SO GOOD!

Gnochi was yum, the spatchcock dish tho… delicious!

Mothers Day at Luke Mangan’s Luke’s Kitchen on Danks St. Interesting that they really didn’t do much with the run down warehouse space, much like ZEN Garage Leichhardt, all they did was give it some paint and left everything else alone.

Loved pretty much every dish that came out, the fish dishes not so much but everything else, especially the spatchcock dish (juiciest bird I’ve had in forever!) was delish. Homely flavours, really good cooking, great value too at just $50/head.

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Threesome Studio

2019-05-06 - Threesome 003

2019-05-06 - Threesome 005

2019-05-06 - Threesome 006

2019-05-06 - Threesome 011

2019-05-06 - Threesome 013

2019-05-06 - Threesome 018

2019-05-06 - Threesome 020

2019-05-06 - Threesome 021

2019-05-06 - Threesome 022

2019-05-06 - Threesome 025

2019-05-06 - Threesome 026

2019-05-06 - Threesome 044

Pretty excited. Won’t lie! The Studio is all set up and we’re ready for client shoots. People, products, we got this!

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The Spit Bridge to Manly walk








Internet was down, so it was a good day to get out! Thanks to Nanami for taking Dianne and I on this amazing 10 km hiking trail.

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