25 going on 65 it feels like

A young 24yr old guy I’ve got in a chat tab just typed: “25 going on 65 it feels like”.

That’s kinda sad, but I get it as he’s not your typical 20-something bandwagon jumper, but instead someone who’s at least asking questions and has something to say.

Without the internet, in the 80’s & 90’s people my age couldn’t so easily talk so freely and openly to 20-somethings (not that they would want to!). They sure as hell wouldn’t have treated 20-somethings as ‘equals’ like hiding behind avatars and usernames on the internet allows today.

So is internet reach, combined with social online constructs, a good thing? If you’re 20-something then I think it is.

If the 20 year old me could have reached out to older people that inspired me by simply sending them a PM, I think I’d be way more knowledgable today. #discuss

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