80’s revival right about now

I scored these NOS (new old stock) pink T-Bones on eBay They’re the exact same wheels I used to skate on way back in the day. On opening the door this morning, post man greeted me with “T-Bones!”. Turns out he used to be a skater too, and still does skate occasionally. He couldn’t see the logos on the wheels as the wheels were wrapped up in bubble wrap, he could just tell from their size, impressive!

Size comparison to a newer style wheel. They’re huge, and roll over small stones and cracks effortlessly, damn fast too.

Later that day the doorbell went off again, this time Mr Postman delivered a genuine NOS Ray Barbee complete. His video segment in the Public Domain video blew me away as a kid, at the time no other skateboard had a nose kick as big as this. I always wanted it, now it’s mine. I intend to skate this one rather than leave it up on the wall.

Top side is factory gripped from the 80’s.

90a’s a little hard for my liking as I like to do big slides. They’re 57mm “mini’s” but 57mm is a huge wheel today. T-Bones might make their way onto this board, maybe.

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