86 @ Zen Garage

Excitement! New 86 @ Zen Garage.

Angry face, ugly colour but!

Boxer heart. Lots of room to play with in here, that big box in the middle at the front is there just to quieten down the induction noise which suggests some pretty conservative design which I’m sure tuners will amend in a hurry.

Later that Saturday this Toyota 86 dropped in to Zen. Everyone dropped what they were doing, myself included, and ran out to gawk at it. For all of us it was the first time we’ve laid eyes on one, and as much as I wanted to not like it so much… I liked it so much!

It’s not as small as everyone’s making it out to be, interior is neat enough, it’s got an angry face which reminds me of a mini LFA, it’s got fat pipes and it’s boxer engine sounds meaty on revs too.

All of a sudden I want one, again!

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One Response to 86 @ Zen Garage

  1. Todd says:

    Yes do want, have too many toys ATM, interested to hear some reviews after a few months of ownership thou.

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