A shoulder to cry on



I talk a LOT, but apparently I’m a decent shoulder to cry on too. I much prefer kicking someone in the ass when they need it as opposed to sympathising, but over the years I’ve found myself not being so quick to find solutions, and instead, I’m finding myself listening that little bit more and I’ve been feeling pretty good about it.

I’ve got a friend staying with me at the moment, she’s broken and going through some pretty serious issues. I’ve been nursing her like a bird that’s fallen out of it’s nest. Sounds cheesy, but it’s how I’ve been looking at it. It’s been emotionally draining being a shoulder to cry on (but obviously more intense for her than it is for me!), but it’s been real, deep and super rewarding in many ways.

I’ve been listening so much more, and instead of trying to use my brain to come up with solutions, I’ve just been much more patient, wallowing at the bottom with her, taking it all in, bringing home lots of junk food, smoking and drinking lots and just generally letting it all take it’s course. Happy to say she got better every day, cried less and less and today I dropped her off home.

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2 Responses to A shoulder to cry on

  1. Paul says:

    Turning 40 does weird things to a man! Nice to be mellowing though right? Your a good friend :)

  2. lemmiwinks says:

    Nice one.

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