Absolutely Fuzzy Street Shoot




Today I met up with Stephanie Goh, who’s a print designer by day who integrates Absolutely Fuzzy, her own life/style blog, into her daily life. I drop in to check out her site every now and then to just appreciate her sense of style, as well as her boyfriend Will’s street photography (PS: I’m actually friends with Will before Steph!).

I was inspired to give street style photography a go so today I killed 2 birds with one stone; checking out the Zine fair as well as street shooting with Steph and Will!

I’m quite happy with the shots above, you can view the rest of the photos here: http://www.justinfoxphoto.com/stories/#/absolutely-fuzzy-street-shoot/

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2 Responses to Absolutely Fuzzy Street Shoot

  1. lemmiwinks says:

    Those shoes are trippy (no pun intended).

  2. I really liked your legs.