Adventure Time – Picking up my Golf from Beyond Limit Autos

I’m on a bus.

I’m on a ferry.

Hopping off the ferry was amazing. Where in the world was I? Cam river waters, no traffic, no noise… so peaceful I almost felt like I was holidays.

Beyond Limit Autos. Oh, there’s my Golf! And Adam’s too!

All mine again!

Loved this Lotus Jack was working on. It’s a full resto, chassis up and EFI conversion too.

Quads?! Man this car is going to be amazing when it’s finished.

Jack took some photos for me whilst working on the car. This is the new belt.

The fraying belt damaged some wires. Jack ended up re-doing this wiring loom (he did a really nice job of it too).

Under the engine, something’s leaking!

Turns out it was a very small part and it’s been leaking on boost so Jack suggests I’ve been losing power (not that I’ve noticed though). It has now been replaced!

This is the main issue. It’s the shaft of a bearing on the left side of the engine (part of the supercharger kit). The hard surface has worn right down. Jack is sourcing a replacement now from overseas so I’ll have to go back in when parts arrive.

I was wondering how the hell I was going to get to Rydalmere to pick up my Golf. The guys on the VWGolf Forums suggested I catch a Ferry as BLA are apparently really close to Rydalmere Wharf. They weren’t lying! BLA is literally the closest shop to the Ferry wharf!

Was such a nice day to be out in the sun, so warm and considering I never catch public transport, it was a bit of a treat! Jack from Beyond Limit Autos was awesome, great to finally meet him (the guys on the forum talk very highly of him and he is the guy who built my car when he worked at Ramspeed).

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