All our love for Caroline


I few months ago my team found out that one of our best clients was in a coma. It was the hardest news to swallow. Whilst I’ve been away I had someone let me know that Caroline Breure has a GoFundMe page.

For those who don’t know her, Caroline’s a Sydney-sider who has dedicated her career to making the world a better place with her environmentally and animal-friendly sneaker brand NO SAINTS. She’s one of our first awesome clients and we’ve loved every single minute working with her.

In a freak accident in September 2019, while on holiday in Barcelona, Caroline was hit by a police car while crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. Caroline sustained severe brain injuries and has been in a coma since. She has since undergone a number of cranial operations, including the removal of part of her skull to reduce the swelling, and has now started her long road to recovery.

I’m sure she and her family would appreciate any support given to help her get home.

Her GoFundMe Page:

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