Artist Guitars STH


No gaps.

I’m tempted to take one string tree off, and replace the other with a spare Graph Tech string tree I have lying around.

Brand name pickups on a $159 guitar, amazing!

Skinny Minnie.

The trem block on this guitar is super thin in comparison to the block in my Korean made Squier (the guitar body is thinner too which explains why the guitar is so light!). You get what you pay for though, right?!

We are family.

Video review.

That American made Fender Stratocaster continues to allude me! I bought myself another “cheap” guitar to add to my ever growing sub $500 guitar collection!

Was a bit too dark last night to take photos of my new STHL which arrived yesterday so I just took some photos today.
I bought this guitar on eBay from Artist Guitars as a customer returned guitar for $159.

Earlier today I checked the neck with a straight edge and I’m happy to say it’s straight! The action feels right but I checked it anyways and it’s set nice and low on all strings but the top 2 heavy strings which are a tiny bit higher than the rest (easy adjustment). I checked the intonation too and it was off on 2 strings but again, easy adjustment.

All in all it’s just so much guitar for the money. Really most happy with the neck. It feels great, fret ends are smooth, it’s really thin and I love the smooth satin finish on the back. The guitar is super light too which I appreciate as I play standing up.

I’m just going to play it as is for now, standard tuning (my MIK Squire is tuned a whole step down and my MIJ Squier is in Eb) but I’ve ordered a black lefty scratch plate and when that gets in I’ll change over to 8 gauge strings.

For more information on the STH visit Artist Guitars:

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