Remove logo from headstock

As the sun rises.

Got up and had the urge to remove the Artist logo off the STH headstock. On the last Artist guitar the sticker was under the clear coat but on the STH there is no clear coat so I went at it with sandpaper and it’s come out tops! Also took off one string tree and replaced the other with a spare Graph Tech string tree I had lying around. I cleaned up the plastic nut a little too (I noticed the little e string grabbing on big bends), got some graphite on it, rolled the fretboard edges and put on a set of 8 gauge strings.

Also took delivery of a black pickguard in the mail today but sadly it doesn’t fit. Not only are the screw holes in the wrong places but the position of the humbucker cutout is completely off. All good, was a cheap purchase in any case. I thought about painting the existing white pickguard black but considering it’s going to get scratched a lot I figure that’s just not a smart move. I then thought about covering it with black vinyl, but yeah nah. I think I’ll just leave it as is for now.

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