Had a mandate (lol) with Alain yesterday, we checked out Brewristas, Kevin’s amazing new Coffee shop in Glebe.

The shop is right across the road from the markets, what a mad location! Leafy, lovely. Inside it’s still a WIP but already, the vibe is amazing. It’s quite spacious inside with 3 distinct spaces (we went for the courtyard out the back!), but it’s comfy in there, cozy but interesting, especially with all the hardcore coffee gear sprinkled around the space.

Like this siphon. Kevin from Brewristas tells us that coffee and science has always gone hand in hand, in fact, this is similar to how Albert Einstein brewed his coffee and that his method has been refined and improved over time.

First stop: The Menu, which tells the Brewrista story well, and was loaded up with so much fancy coffee (and a legit chef in whites making amazing food too!) that we felt lost, luckily all the Brewristas staff are there to educate, and before we knew it we were geed for what was to come.

There’s a LOT of coffee on the menu, but these are Brewrista’s 3 babies. Cold Brew, Brewmondae and Brewtea. All 3 are produced by gently dripping filtered water through freshly grounded coffee for 12 long hours resulting in smooth, syrupy & aromatic coffee. Love the health warning labels on the bottles, massive buzz, cold and refreshing, perfect for summer!

Alain dug the Brewtea the most (a perfect fusion of tea and coffee = double caffeine!), the Brewmonade which is fused with homemade lemonade has to be the most interesting of the 3, an acquired taste which will for sure have you craving it before you know it. Personally I loved the Cold Brew, perfection!

We couldn’t resist Kevin’s Balls (haha). Spicy little balls filled with roasted pork belly, tofu, kimchi, sweet potato, all encrusted with shin ramyun.

Out the front the guys are still serving Caps, but the hardcore coffee station where all the special stuff is made is out the back.

Boss man Kevin left his hardcore coffee station to come chill with us for a bit. 14hr long days but it’s all paying off, he’s onto amazing things with Brewristas. Sydney and coffee might never be the same again.

Cold Brew Station.

Visit: Brewristas 73 Glebe Point Road Glebe – – Facebook:

Finally got to drop in to Kevin’s new cafe Brewristas in Glebe yesterday with Alain. It’s next level, it’s going to change coffee culture in Sydney, mark my words!

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