Burrows Day – Eastern Creek

Today I attended a Burrows Day at Eastern Creek.

Burrows Days have been held by Luke O’neill for years now. They’re invite only events and I’ve been to a few of them (maybe 6 or so days with various cars) but I hadn’t attended one in over 4-5 years.

They’re considered a driver training day (so people can get insurance to cover the day). There’s strict rules regarding overtaking and there’s no lap timing allowed. Awesome coffee is served all day, muffins, bottled water and a huge feast for lunch as well.

As soon as I turned into Reservoir Road it started raining. At that point I wished I had taken the GT-R instead of the Golf! The first 3 sessions were wet and I struggled to get any sort of grip at all (it was so slippery out there). The car would happily understeer for metres, the traction control did nothing about it (it only kicked in when I stabbed the accelerator and then the tail would pop out). I had a timer (don’t tell Luke!) and my times were woeful (I was doing 2.30’s to start and 2.18’s in the 3rd session).

During lunch the sun came out and our next few sessions were great!!!

I had my dampers set to 8 front and 12 rear and the car felt so much better than how it felt at Wakefield (set to 8/8). DSG behaved much better at EC, sometimes it didn’t want to get down into 3rd from 4th but that was about it. I even felt the rear wanting to come out in some situations. I had a lot of grip and best of all the brake bleed did the trick! My brakes were great!

I ended up with a lap time of 1.59 which I was pretty happy with.

I had a bad night’s sleep so I called it a day at 3.40pm and I’m glad I did as it started to rain again when I was leaving.

All in all a great day and god damn I love the GTI!!! It’s such a great little car and I’ve almost got it set up to my liking (more brakes would be nice!).

You can view all the pictures and commentary of the day here:

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