But the toilet paper roll holder doesn’t match the towel rail!

I had a few things planned today but once I started looking for bathroom fittings the whole day went out the window. Driving around from shop to shop wears me out pretty damn fast, staring at walls of toilet paper roll holders and trying your best to imagine them in your new bathroom/s (I have 2 to do), which is nothing more than an empty raw concrete room… it’s nearly impossible!

The bath tub above was the only thing that jumped out at me today. I liked it straight away. Especially the corner joints. I had a look at the price and almost fell over when I saw the $15,000 tag. Sigh, why do I have to like such nice things?

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One Response to But the toilet paper roll holder doesn’t match the towel rail!

  1. Martin says:

    Hi Justin,

    That is a beautiful bath in its own right, but the professional photo shooting, and the fact that they have used bisazza mosaic tiles as a background does help a lot. ;) You know, you could probably call a few builders locally, and with a bit of luck have one of their carpenters make it for you for a lot less. I believe it is teak they have used, and although relatively expensive, it shouldn’t cost you anything remotely close to that price. (I am a designer / builder in London, and I see no reason why this could not be done.)