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“It’s A Trap!”

I love News Corp! Said no one ever.

Something doesn’t smell right… Previous posts on the subject:

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R&D is Everything

Now I want a new 992.

Such a good video to show the work put into good design. Fuck knock off products! Think of the designers!

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Kustom King George Barris

Tribute to Kustom King George Barris (Nov 20, 1925 – Nov 5, 2015) Designer of the 1966 Batmobile (which I watched on TV as a kid!). #respectyourelders

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Monday Funday with Tendy

Grumpy Baker Pie. Nom!

Lunch by the beach with 10D today. Him and I both spent thousands of hours in the same game last year but didn’t speak to each other on the mic much. Both of us were in a shit place but both of us seem to have resurfaced at the same time. Really great catch up, a bit rushed if anything as Tendy had to pick up the kids! I’m really enjoying hanging out with friends who have gone further than I have with some aspects of life. 44 this year and back to learning something new every day. I’m on track!

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#MANDATE with Nick Turner







Mad hangs with slick mofo Nick Turner today; white FD, car talk, music talk, camera talk, design talk, food, life talk, what’s not to like?! Helps the guy is calm (ZEN as fuck, really), and has a calming effect on me, which is a good thing as it doesn’t take much for me to get manic these days!

PS: Nick has gone freelance, check out his awesome work on his instagram. Follow: @therealnickturner

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Hangs with Dom Wangan





SOLID hangs with Dom today. I’ve know him for what, 10 years? I’ve never once had a quality D&M with the guy, but I suppose I’ve never needed to as Dom ALWAYS come across as a big softy to me; always smiling ear to ear, always a cheeky monkey and a ladies man. When I was a kid I wished for a girlfriend, this guy wished for strength and honour or some bullshit, and no wonder he’s still single! I’m pretty sure we all know a mate like Dom, who just wants SO bad to be in love, but things have never really quite clicked into place for the guy in that department. Over the past 10 years I’ve seen Dom post about his quite obvious hunt for a soul mate over social media. His posts may come across as semi-desperate at times, but they’re always done with good humour, heart and above all I consider his posts as positive manifestations in any case.

Cheers for the hang Dom, and getting me out of the house! Thanks for letting me know that some mates out there think I’ve lost the plot a little with the frequency of my manic posts, even more thanks for realising that’s just me right now and that I just gotta do what I gotta do!

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Sharing is caring


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MDT Free




So now that I can drive again without fear of MDT I was thinking of buying a beater like a Hyundai Excel, something I would never modify… but then I saw this. #ohiforgotmodderforlife

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Make Up Co., Ltd. @ Raijin Fujin








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ZEN PODCAST #015 – Stephen Wassef


Stephen Wassef is a founding member of Acquired Taste, a tight knit Sydney based car crew who now have plans to create a brand. We discuss VW Golfs, Electric Cars, Bitcoin, Acquired Taste, Tokyo, the morals of being a tobacconist, vape, bodybuilding and old school values.

PS: Audio goes out of synch on this one. I’m making moves to get rid of the webcam as they can only record in variable frame rate and that’s the sync issue right there.

PPS: Chief had NO plans to be on the podcast at all and in the end both of us are glad he decided to change his mind. He’s a shy and quiet guy in real life but I promised I’d do more of the talking. Listening back it’s obvious Chief had more to say but couldn’t as I just kept cutting him off (more so than previous podcasts I think!). I’ve had a few people suggest I let my guests talk more. I 100% agree!


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