I recently met a woman on reddit who reached out and introduced herself as a roleplayer.

She came across my boudoir subreddit and liked my photos so she reached out wanting to know more about how I do what I do, and ultimately she wanted to know about stories I might have with the models I shoot.

I chose not to get into those details, but we got pretty into some open conversation about roleplaying (I was curious), about gaming (ARPG’s RPG’s and how they relate to roleplaying), Dungeons and Dragons, sexting etc.

I dug a bit deeper (cause that’s what I do). Turns out she’s married and her husband doesn’t approve of her roleplaying (she left windows open on her computer once and he read it all).

Like a drug, she’s addicted (she’s been roleplaying since she was 15), and she’s always kept it a secret from her husband.

She then admitted she wanted to roleplay with me, but I said whilst curious I wasn’t interested as A) I have no idea how to roleplay, so when I do it I’ll be shit at it (IE: it takes time to ‘get good’ at anything, right?!) and B) Just because I now ‘know’ her more than her husband doesn’t mean her husband doesn’t exist, so I’d rather not put my energy into something that would potentially upset someone (IE: I don’t really want to have fun at the expense of others).

The last few hours of our convo has been me suggesting (that if it was me) I’d prefer to talk about it openly with my partner rather than keep going with a dark and dirty secret.

Now she’s thinking of telling her husband about our conversations in hopes she can start talking to him about her passion for roleplaying (I suggested she simply show our entire chat history to him!). Not my place to push though, it’s 100% on her and I’m just happy she let me be open in my thoughts.

IMHO if he’s negative in any way about what makes her happy it screams a lack of confidence. IMHO: “Happy Wife, Happy Life” and “Behind every good man is a great woman”.

Fuck, this would make good content for a Monday Morning Rant hey?

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