Charles’ B’day

We hit Koya last week for Charles‘ B’day. I’m a huge fan of anything BBQ, especially Korean or in this case Japanese all you can eat.

Suga and Di. Charles had a huge group of people and we pretty much took up the whole left side of the restaurant. Felix was on my table and at some point, the conversation turned to how Felix loses his eyesight when he gets hungry. Much much laughter!

Japanese BBQ FTW!

B’day boy Charles refused to drink (again!).

It wasn’t long before the Auto Salon shenannigans began. Zi and Papz went around to every person on every table with 2 glasses. Put cash into one glass and you get to put whatever you want into the other. Whoever consumes the glass with all the crap in it gets the cash.

It smelt worse than it looked, that’s because someone stuffed some tuna in there!

Zi gave it a go and gagged so much he had to stop. I hadn’t laughed so hard in ages. I was literally crying.

We then headed down to watch the Brazil vs. Portugal game live at Darling Harbour. Scrappy game so Suga and I headed off at half time.

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