Chill the fuck out, Sydney

Cacia Zoo on Wedding Cake Rock.

So today I saw a video online about Wedding Cake Rock, which I ventured out to with Cacia recently (my photos here). It’s now blocked off so people cant step on it anymore.


Coming off the back of the recent A Current Affair crap (read; sensationalism) about hoons, which is very quickly undoing the 10+ years of work I’ve put into nurturing the Sydney car scene, this new news has just hit a nerve with me today.

I’m sincerely shocked at how Sydney continues to become the ultimate Nanny State and I’m just glad (and sad) to be able to say that once upon a time I used to be able to ride my bike to school without a helmet, and skateboard on the footpath, and drive my modified car without fear of being defected, and go bar hopping until the early morning…

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3 Responses to Chill the fuck out, Sydney

  1. lemmiwinks says:

    As a similar vintage duder, let me say amen brother!

  2. Paul says:

    Ah. Yes. One major reason I moved on from Aus. Such a sanitised outdoor culture. Board walks, fences, steps.

  3. Riley says:

    Hey Justin, this was due to geographic surveyors deeming that the rock is going to fall within the next 10 years. Obviously the government would prefer that there was no one on it when the rock eventually falls.
    Or just jump over the barriers and do your thing anyway