China Trip – Day #11 – Hong Kong

We always get to see Uncle Chai when we’re in HK (he’s the tall guy), my Mum was best friends with his late wife.

And that’s a wrap! Sincerely had some pretty amazing food here in HK the past 2 days despite posting about how much I dislike this place. I know the produce we have in Australia is some of the world’s best, but the culture, the cooking techniques, they seem to forgo the need for the best produce as I’ve had the best fried rice I’ve ever had on this trip, the best noodles too.

I hit the ground running tomorrow. I’ve not been this excited in a while! That electric/obsessive compulsive nature of mine is back with a vengeance! This morning Mum and I went through the ZEN Garage online shop, literally every item is out of stock and man, was it a HUGE shock. I truly did drop the ball last year. I don’t intend to buy another car to replace the Golf, instead I just want to put it all into stock, and basically reboot ZEN GARAGE. 2018, it’s my year. I’m pumped!

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  1. Paul says:

    Welcome back mate.